Difficulty – Medium

Medium difficulty brain teasers and puzzles

Rebus Puzzle 16

What common word or phrase is this rebus referring to?



Safety in numbers

(“Safety” is spelled out downwards in the numbers listed.)

Rebus Puzzle 14

What common word or phrase is this rebus referring to?



Moving up the ranks

(Each line is a rank in the military, and “moving” is spelled upwards among the ranks.)

3 Digit Code

You have six guesses to figure out a 3 digit code. After each guess, you will be told exactly how many digits are correct but in the wrong place and how many digits are correct and in the right place. You have made these five guesses already:

  • 865: exactly one digit in the right place
  • 964: exactly one correct digit but in the wrong place
  • 983: no correct digits
  • 548: exactly two correct digits but in the wrong places
  • 812: exactly one correct digit but in the wrong place

What is the correct 3 digit code?

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Guess the Number

Jake has a 4-digit number in mind and asks Raj to guess the number. Raj can have 7 guesses, and Jake will give him some hints after 6 guesses.

Raj makes these 6 guesses:

  • 6 3 5 8
  • 9 3 0 6
  • 4 8 8 2
  • 6 7 2 8
  • 1 1 9 1
  • 5 6 2 7

These were all wrong, but Jake says every guess had exactly one (and only one) correct digit in the correct position. Additionally, all the digits are different.

What should Raj’s 7th guess be?

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Ants on a Stick

Six ants are walking at 1cm/second on a very narrow stick 100cm long:

  • Ant 1: starts at 0, facing right
  • Ant 2: starts at 20, facing right
  • Ant 3: starts at 30, facing left
  • Ant 4: starts at 40, facing right
  • Ant 5: starts at 60, facing right
  • Ant 6: starts at 80, facing left
Ants on a Stick

When two ants run into each other, they immediately turn around and walk in the other direction.

How long does it take before the last ant walks off the stick?

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