Physical Puzzles

Physical puzzles are perfect for those that enjoy solving with their hands in addition to their minds. They are also a great addition to any classroom to challenge and entertain students.

I’ve tried a lot of physical puzzles, and here are some of my favorite ones:

Hanayama Puzzles

Hanayama is the premier Japanese puzzle-making company. They create challenging and high-quality cast-iron puzzles, sometimes referred to as “Huzzles.” Use just your hands and your mind to take apart these interlocking pieces in clever and unexpected ways. Given their popularity, you can also find video solutions for them on Youtube.

Hanayama Infinity Puzzle

I enjoyed this elegant Hanayama “Infinity” puzzle with rotating pieces inside the figure-8.

Keep in mind this is level 6, Hanayama’s highest “Grand Master” difficulty, which means it may take some focused, systematic problem-solving. Recommended for more advanced puzzlers.

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The “Harmony” puzzle from Hanayama is much easier at level 2 (officially rated as “Easy”), but no less elegant with its whimsical musical notation aesthetic.

This is a good place to start for beginners and kids. But don’t let the rating fool you—even easier Hanayama puzzles have an interesting trick or technique that is very satisfying when you figure it out.

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Hanayama Harmony Puzzle
Hanayama Master Sword Puzzle

This “Master Sword” puzzle will excite the Legend of Zelda fans. The sword-in-the-stone design is beautiful even if you’ve never played the game.

Although it’s rated level 6, most find it easier than other Hanayama level 6 puzzles (perhaps closer to a 4 or 5).

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