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Finish My Wordle

These Wordle puzzles are nearly complete, you just need to finish them by figuring out the correct word. In each of these 5 puzzles, there should be just one or two valid answers remaining – find them!

Haven’t played Wordle before? You get 6 tries to guess the 5-letter English word, and for each guess you are shown whether each letter is in the right place in the word (green), in the word but in the wrong place (yellow), or not in the word at all (gray).

Wordle 1
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Tricky, Tricky

Can you figure out the number I am thinking of?

Some cryptic clues:

  • Call it sin, and mess it up (9)
  • Between θ and κ (4)
  • Engage emotionally (5)
  • Half a byte (6)
  • Mottle (5)
  • Never mix meds & gin (7)
  • – (4)

If you have all the answers right, that’s only about 33% percent of the solution: you need to justify them too.

Some clues were left over, so here’s a second set:

  • Sing about the matter (10)
  • Frog’s pole (3)
  • Heroin or slap (5)
  • 0 or 1 (1,3)
  • A toy asking a question on an online forum (4+2 = 6)

An ingenious and very difficult puzzle by Bass on Puzzling StackExchange (spoiler warning: contains the solution)

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