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Nob’s Number Tree Puzzle

Nob’s Number Tree

Nob's Number Tree
Nob’s Number Tree

What number belongs in the “?” circle? Note that all numbers shown are correct, there are no typos or errors.

Nob Yoshigahara’s Puzzles

Nob’s Number Tree is a well-known brainteaser by the Japanese puzzle guru Nobuyuki “Nob” Yoshigahara, who wrote many mathematical puzzle books and invented many puzzle toys. This cheeky number tree puzzle seems straightforward, but the straightforward solution falls apart when you arrive at the bottom.

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Cryptic Pattern Puzzle

Replace the ?’s in each of these to complete the puzzle:

Part 1

“Asia” is H
“Cuffs” is S
“Ender” is I
“Redness” is F
“Fuchsia” is ?

Part 2

“Using” is E
“Desist” is I
“Visits” is E
“Design” is ?

Part 3

“Gross” is W or R
“Assign” is S
“Amassing” is E
“Design” is S
“Amassing” is S
“Arrows” is ? or ?

Part 4

“Pro-tem” and “row” are H
“Ties” is K
“Cohesion” is A
“Casino” is E
“Hocks” is either a word, name, ? or ?

Part 5

“Edna” is I
“Slang” is X
“Siege” is E
“Basin” is X
“Sin” is X
“Sin” is A
“Besiege” is X
“Signals” is ? and ?

Source: Matt Malone on Puzzling StackExchange (spoiler warning: contains the solution)

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