Riddles and Lateral Thinking

Puzzles, brain teasers, and riddles involving creative, out-of-the-box, or lateral thinking

Stranded in the Wilderness Brain Teaser

A man is stranded in the wilderness, in a remote northern area. There’s a lake nearby, and utility poles carrying electricity, presumably to a nearby town. However, there’s no way he can make it to the town in the freezing cold weather.

The man has a dinghy, two paddles, and an axe, but no devices that can communicate with anyone and no way to make a fire.

How does the man manage to get rescued as quickly as possible?

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Mystery Killer Riddle

A detective is called upon to solve the riddle of the mystery killer in a high-profile murder.

There are only three suspects:

  • Aaron, the best friend
  • Patty, the gardener
  • Jason, the neighbor

The victim was holding a calendar, and it seems he marked several of dates before he passed away: the second of January, the sixth of February, the third of April, the fourth of October, and the first of November.

With this information, the detective identified the culprit. Who was it?

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10 Clever Riddles with Answers

Do some creative thinking and try to solve these 10 clever riddles:

Riddle #1

What do you usually have to break before you can use it?

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An egg

Riddle #2

What do you need to answer even though it never asks a question?

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The telephone

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Password to Exclusive Club

A man wants to enter an exclusive club, but doesn’t know the password. He observes a few other patrons:

  • First patron walks up and the doorman just says “12”. The patron replies “6” and is let in.
  • Second patron walks up and the doorman says “6”. The patron replies “3” and is let in.

Thinking he has figured it out, the man walks up and the doorman says “10”. The man replies “5” but it’s incorrect and he is turned away.

What should the man have said instead?

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Pill Portioning Puzzle

A blind man has to take exactly one green pill and one blue pill each day – no more and no less. However one day he accidentally takes out two pills from the green bottle and two pills from the blue bottle, and gets them all mixed up.

Is there any way the blind man can figure out how to take one green pill and one blue pill with what he has, or does he just have to throw away these pills and get new ones?

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