A detective is called upon to solve the riddle of the mystery killer in a high-profile murder.

There are only three suspects:

  • Aaron, the best friend
  • Patty, the gardener
  • Jason, the neighbor

The victim was holding a calendar, and it seems he marked several of dates before he passed away: the second of January, the sixth of February, the third of April, the fourth of October, and the first of November.

With this information, the detective identified the culprit. Who was it?

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The calendar was marked such that each day refers to the position of the letter in the month’s name. In other words:

  • The second letter of January is A
  • The sixth letter of February is A
  • The third letter of April is R
  • The fourth letter of October is O
  • The first letter of November is N

Which spells out Aaron.

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