Three players gamble on a “doubling game.” In each round of the game, a single loser is determined, and this player has to double the money of the other two.

After three rounds of this game, each player has lost one round each, and each player now has $24.

How much money did each player start with?

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$39, $21, and $12

This is a simple matter of working backwards. Let’s say player A lost the 1st round, B lost the 2nd round, and C lost the 3rd round.

After the 3rd round: A = 24, B = 24, C = 24

After the 2nd round: A = 12, B = 12, C = 48

After the 1st round: A = 6, B = 42, C = 24

At the start: A = 39, B = 21, C = 12

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