Replace the ?’s in each of these to complete the puzzle:

Part 1

“Asia” is H
“Cuffs” is S
“Ender” is I
“Redness” is F
“Fuchsia” is ?

Part 2

“Using” is E
“Desist” is I
“Visits” is E
“Design” is ?

Part 3

“Gross” is W or R
“Assign” is S
“Amassing” is E
“Design” is S
“Amassing” is S
“Arrows” is ? or ?

Part 4

“Pro-tem” and “row” are H
“Ties” is K
“Cohesion” is A
“Casino” is E
“Hocks” is either a word, name, ? or ?

Part 5

“Edna” is I
“Slang” is X
“Siege” is E
“Basin” is X
“Sin” is X
“Sin” is A
“Besiege” is X
“Signals” is ? and ?

Source: Matt Malone on Puzzling StackExchange (spoiler warning: contains the solution)


Each part is unrelated to the other parts, but you apply the same logic to each part to find the solution.


Part 1: A

Part 2: U

Part 3: S, G

Part 4: P, T

Part 5: E, I

This is a tricky one, because it is set up as a pattern recognition puzzle, but in fact each part is one long palindrome – hard to recognize if you were not looking for it!

For example, part 1 is Asia is h cuffs is s ender is i redness is f fuchsia is A, which reads the same forwards and backwards!

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