Simple Math

Puzzles and brain teasers involving basic arithmetic and other simple math concepts – very little math knowledge required!

Guess the Number

Jake has a 4-digit number in mind and asks Raj to guess the number. Raj can have 7 guesses, and Jake will give him some hints after 6 guesses.

Raj makes these 6 guesses:

  • 6 3 5 8
  • 9 3 0 6
  • 4 8 8 2
  • 6 7 2 8
  • 1 1 9 1
  • 5 6 2 7

These were all wrong, but Jake says every guess had exactly one (and only one) correct digit in the correct position. Additionally, all the digits are different.

What should Raj’s 7th guess be?

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Confusing Zip Codes

The U.S. uses 5-digit zip codes to help determine where mail goes. Since mail can be oriented in all sorts of directions, they avoid assigning zip codes that could be confused with a different zip code when read upside-down. For example, 61666 could be confused with 99919 when upside-down, so mail could be accidentally routed to the wrong zip code if both were actual zip codes.

How many zip codes could be confused with a different zip code when read upside-down?

In the example above, 61666 and 99919 would count as two confusing zip codes. Also, zip codes are allowed to start with 0, such as 00501.

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