Take Back a Move Chess Puzzle

This creative Leonid Kubbel chess puzzle has white take back a move and then checkmate!

Take Back Chess Move 1

White just made a move, but then realized there was a mate in 1 on the last move and missed it. What was white’s last move, and what was the mate in 1?


White’s last move was to capture a piece on e8. What piece was it? There is only one possibility that allows white to checkmate.

Solution to Take Back a Move Chess Puzzle

Take back 1. d7xNe8=Q and instead play 1. d8N#

Take Back Chess Move Pre Move
State of the board prior to white’s wrong move
Take Back Chess Move Solution
White’s winning move

One comment

  1. Tricky. My guess was that the white queen was b8 and the right move was b3 but it could get blocked by the black queen for checkmate in 2.

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