White to play and mate in 12. Sometimes thinking 12 moves ahead in chess is not as hard as it seems!

Mate in 12 chess puzzle


This chess puzzle is relatively straightforward, because there is really just one viable move each turn:

  1. Rf2+ Ke3
  2. Rf3+ Ke4
  3. Re3+ Kd4
  4. Re4+ Kd5
  5. Rd4+ Kc5
  6. Rd5+ Kc6
  7. Rc5+ Kb6
  8. Rc6+ Kb7
  9. Rb6+ Ka7
  10. Rb7+ Ka8
    • If 10 … Ka6, then 11. Ra7#
  11. Ra7+ Kb8
  12. Ra8#

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